3 Notorious Habits That Guarantee Clogged Drains

Is there a stash of Drain-O under your sink? No judgement!

Ah, clogged drains. Somehow, it’s become so commonplace to allow our drains to clog, empty a bottle of drain-saving liquid, and move on with life. What seems so normal may actually be a ticking time bomb, triggering a major plumbing disaster from one hairball too many. It’s easy to get relaxed, but small habits can cause major damage to one of the most expensive features of your home–the plumbing!

Casually Watching Hair Slide Down the Drain

Probably the most notorious culprit to avoid, considering we’re covered in hair. No one can monitor every strand when showering, but trusting your drainage system with large clumps of hair can cause immediate blockage. Most times, all that’s needed is a quick (and slimy) swipe of the drain to remove the blockage. But beware, what’s above the the surface is only a glimpse into the pipes and sewer system. Luckily, many products exists for this exact purpose–catching hair before it actually causes a clogged drain. But if you’re looking for the free option, practicing good habits like detangling outside of the shower or shaving with a cover over the sink won’t cost a thing!

Flushing Paper Towels and Wipes – Yes, Even the “Flushable” Kind

Flushable wipes should mean wipes you can flush without incident, right? According to plumbers, that claim is mostly hype. The fine fibers found in all wipes as well as paper towels wreak havoc on the pipes even if they do flush down easily. Toilet paper is manufactured with fibers that easily break down, unlike other paper products. The best approach here is, when in doubt, toss it in the trash. It may be slightly less convenient, but infinitely better for your pipes.

Pouring Grease/Oil into the Sink

Let’s be honest. Before you wash a dish, you need to empty the contents. It makes sense to just dump them down the sink, right? This habit can become costly over time, even if you manage to wash the oil down with soap and hot water. Oily substances, also known as FOGs (Fats, Oils, Grease), turn to sludge as they travel through the piping system, creating a much worse situation than a clogged drain. Water will drain slower, causing frustration every time you do the dishes. Manage your FOGs appropriately with these few tips:

  • Re-use them – Most FOGs can be reused with no extra work like bacon grease. For deep frying, use a sieve to clear all debris from the oil and store for the next fish fry.
  • Cover and Dispose – If you’ve done one fish fry to many, most likely you’re ready to dump it. Simply pour the oil into a disposable container and trash it like normal. Covering will keep the oil from secretly escaping into your drainage or ruining your grass.
  • Use less – Where possible, use less FOGs. Adding more FOGs than necessary leaves you with more to mange. This habit can also benefit your health!

Clogged drains shouldn’t be normal. You deserve a shower where water drains immediately instead of 10 minutes later. Good habits can support this, but have you thought about your pipes? With an expanded service line from Ferguson, we now have plumbing solutions! Installing pipes with a larger diameter can lessen the chance of an incident in the event you make any of the mistakes above. Request your reservation today with a plumbing expert!