Bathrooms don’t get enough love.

Is there a stash of Drain-O under your sink? No judgement!

We spend a great deal of time washing up, changing clothes, handling bodily needs, relaxing, and getting ready. It’s no wonder the internet is full of people (like you) wondering how to trade in their ordinary restroom for an oasis of relaxation. The process can be tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. Keeping sight of a few overarching questions can minimize the stress–hopefully your goal for the bathroom redesign!

What’s your ultimate goal for the remodel? What’s your timeline?

An bathroom redesign can be functional or aesthetic, but the motive for the remodel must be kept handy when making each decision. If the goal is a more relaxing space, you’d most likely opt for softer lighting, open space, and calming color palettes. Alternatively, if you plan to use your bathroom for things like makeup, hair, or reading, you’ll need to think closely on brighter lighting, magazine racks, or mirror sizes.

To keep the momentum going, put your remodel on a timeline. A dateless goal means a half-done paint job or a new sink with mismatched accessories. Don’t do that to yourself. If you can’t finish your original plan within a year, create a list of realistic “micro” projects. Each project you complete will motivate you to start the next one and the momentum will push you to the finish line.

Where do I start? 

You’ve decided on a timeline, perfect! That’s just the first of many decisions that lie ahead. It’s time for a new look, but taking on this task may be daunting. How deep of a bathroom redesign are you thinking? Light aesthetic only, or more of a deep dive into function that requires installations and construction?

Answering this question alone will clarify what kind of budget and materials will be needed to satisfy your original goal. Once you’ve decided the type of project, figuring out labor is the next step.

Do I need a professional? 

There’s DIY projects and there’s do-it-with-the-professional-labor-of-a-contractor projects. DIY depends on your goals, budget, and skill. If you’re looking for an easy paint refresh and a fun challenge, you may not need a professional. But once you cross into uninstalling sinks, plumbing, or flooring, the best route would be to contact a professional.

Faulty plumbing or incorrect flooring choices lead to mold hazards, potential flooding, or just plain ugly design combinations. It’s recommended to at least consult with someone familiar with the industry before unscrewing things.

How much space do I have?

While most people love the idea of a spacious bathroom with 2-person counters, bookshelves, and cup holders, being realistic about space is an absolute necessity when redesigning any room.

Can your bathroom support a jetted tub? Will you need to tear down walls and expand? If you’re not planning to expand a smaller bathroom, you’ll need to be very calculated in the dimensions of any new installations. This is where having a professional comes in handy.

Small bathrooms matter too! Envision your ideal bathroom and finds ways to scale down like premium corner sinks, hidden towel racks, and floating vanities that allow for extra storage underneath. Every bathroom has potential with the right plan.

How many people will need to use it?

Is this your solitaire sanctuary or more of makeup room?

Every decision is based on personal preference when it’s just you. When thinking of others, you’ll need to be extra thoughtful on things like longer mirrors for two people, quick access to towels and other toiletries, and conversation-worthy features like bidets. The last thing you need is someone finding your personal items while searching for towels. Separating your sink and counter space from the toilet/shower can be another solution for a multiple bathroom.

What style do you want? Does this bathroom redesign aesthetic? Does it need to? 

This question is pretty obvious, but that doesn’t make it easier to answer. A bathroom redesign can can be a great refresh, but a completely different style can be jarring. Done correctly, the design can be transitional with elements of your new style working with your current style. Unless, you actually want a drastic change starting with your bathroom. The key here is research. Understanding which styles complement and clash before executing will save you time down the line.

What’s under the hood? Or the house in this case.

Or, the house in this case can be the difference between a calming bath or a disaster. If you find that your drain gets clogged often, opting for wider pipes may be the answer. If you’re more concerned about insulation, carefully placing pipes away from exterior walls can prevent pipes from freezing during extreme winters. Overall, understanding the dynamics of your plumbing needs is essential when examining your bathroom’s functionality.

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